When working with any equipment that produces intense flames, heat, or an electrical arc, working with caution and taking all preventative safety measures is a must to help ensure your safety and that of those around you. In addition to the hazards already mentioned, fumes, vapors, chemicals, and UV radiation are other risks that come with the task of welding. One of the most dangerous risks, however, is cutting corners when it comes to following rules and procedures. Given the potential for injury, the use of PPE is critical.

This equipment includes:

*   Helmets: More info
*   Skullcaps: More info
*   Safety glasses (with side shields): More info
*   Goggles: More info 
*   Face shields: More info

However, each piece of PPE must be matched with the hazards associated with the specific task and materials being used. Check out this page for our entire selection of welding safety products and other tools.

In addition to using the correct PPE, understanding fire prevention, properly handling compressed gases, safely working with torches, and other arc welding/cutting safety tips are vital to your safety. For more information, please visit https://safetymanagementgroup.com/the-hot-facts-about-welding-and-cutting-safety/