SunnySide Supply is a fully-integrated industrial supply company located in heart of the Marcellus Shale in Pennsylvania. As a family-owned, nationally-certified Women’s Business Enterprise, SunnySide has proudly served as one of southwestern Pennsylvania’s best and most reliable distributors of general industrial and safety supplies since 1980.



ErectaStep’s line of industrial metal stairs and industrial maintenance access platforms feature modular, lightweight aluminum components that are as easy to reconfigure as they are to assemble. Installation takes only a few hours and stairs can be quickly configured to gain safe access over pipes, dike walls, or any other obstructions.



LOBO System is the flexible and safe alternative to scaffolding that anyone can assemble and use. to reduce cost and increase safety. SunnySide can cut your scaffolding labor cost in half!



Our extensive line of FR clothing can help your team members reduce their risk of significant burns. Additionally, our FR clothing can provide you with thermal insulation from the heat of flames.

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We make it our mission to understand the dangers to workers and capital equipment associated with moving loads on your job sites and in your facilities. To protect employees from injury (or even death), Spotter Buddy provides real-time bi-directional wireless communication ability from the spotter to the driver with the simple touch of a button.




Tuesday Safety Tip: Ergonomics

January 21, 2020

According to EHS Today, “from an OSHA perspective, [ergonomics] is the process of designing the job to fit the employee, rather than forcing the employee’s body to fit the job.” This might include altering the […] Read More

Tuesday Safety Tip: Silica Safety

January 8, 2020

According to WCF Insurance’s page on silica safety, crystalline silica is a naturally occurring mineral commonly found in sand, rock, concrete, glass, marble, brick, mortar, porcelain, ceramic, artificial rock, and many other products that exists […] Read More

Tuesday Safety Tip: Remaining Safe While Painting

December 3, 2019

While spray painting is an easy, convenient way to complete certain painting projects, precautions must be taken in order to protect oneself and others. Vapors and chemicals from the paint can not only be harmful […] Read More

Tuesday Safety Tip: Minimizing Your Exposure to Lead

November 19, 2019

Even in today’s day and age, Americans living and working in unsafe conditions are at risk of being exposed to high levels of lead. Lead poisoning occurs when lead builds up in the body over […] Read More

Tuesday Safety Tip: Breathing Clean Air

November 5, 2019

Breathing clean, healthy air is important both inside and outside of the workplace. Children, the elderly, and those with breathing issues (e.g. asthma) are more susceptible to developing complications as a result of contaminated air. […] Read More

Tuesday Safety Tip: Working Underground

October 22, 2019

Underground tunnels, shafts, chambers, and passageways are some of the most dangerous structures to build and work on. There are a number of risks that accompany this form of construction. Anyone and everyone working underground […] Read More

Tuesday Safety Tip: Dipping and Coating

October 8, 2019

Dipping and coating is a processed used for a variety of reasons including cleaning or coating an object, altering the surface of an object, or changing the character of an object. Hazards associated with this […] Read More

Tuesday Safety Tip: Corrosive Chemicals

October 1, 2019

Corrosive chemicals can cause serious harm to workers are regularly exposed to these materials. From bloody noses to corroding teeth, giving workers imperative safety information when working with corrosives is vital to their safety. When […] Read More

Visit us at the 2019 Pennsylvania Independent Oil & Gas Association (PIOGA) Fall Conference at Seven Springs

September 24, 2019

Be sure to stop by and say hello to Bennett and Chris at our booth at the 2019 Pennsylvania Independent Oil & Gas Association (PIOGA) Fall Conference at Seven Springs in the Exhibitor Hall. We’ll […] Read More

Tuesday Safety Tip: Working with Compressed Gas

September 24, 2019

Compressed gases pose a variety of hazards such as flammability, toxicity, and corrosivity. According to the University of North Carolina, “compressed gas” means: A gas or mixture of gases having, in a container, an absolute […] Read More



We can describe our team members with a lot of positive cliches, but you could simply say we treat our customers with an old school mentality. It’s simple. Loyalty, respect, and relationships are at the center of everything we touch. We invite you to get to know each of the SunnySide Supply team members.

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