Breathing clean, healthy air is important both inside and outside of the workplace. Children, the elderly, and those with breathing issues (e.g. asthma) are more susceptible to developing complications as a result of contaminated air. To help protect yourself and your family, here are some tips on avoiding and managing air pollution:

  • Before going outside, check local air pollution forecasts. You can find these forecasts online and on TV.
  • When pollution levels are high, avoid exercising outdoors. In general, avoid exercise in high traffic areas even if the pollution levels are low.
  • Be mindful of electricity usage in your home. Electricity generation creates air pollution.
  • Encourage schools to help reduce emissions by not allowing buses to idle outside of buildings.
  • Walk, bike, or carpool to your destination.
  • Don’t smoke indoors and support measures to make public areas tobacco-free.

For more information on air pollution and the affects it can have on your health, please visit The American Lung Association at