In an EHS Today article, according to Michael Ziskin, president of Field Safety Corp., a good safety footwear program begins not with selecting a new pair of shoes or boots but by “addressing all of the walking and working surfaces that employees are going to be exposed to and assuring that they are in the best condition possible.” Being aware of potential hazards can help eliminate accidents in the first place.

When it comes to choosing the right footwear, OSHA’s foot protection standard requires footwear that complies with American National Standards Institute standard ANSI Z41-1991 which breaks footwear down into 6 different categories. From here, by determining the employee’s needs based on their working environment, an appropriate footwear choice can be made. These categories include:
*   Impact
*   Metatarsal
*   Electrical hazard
*   Conductive
*   Puncture-resistant
*   Static-dissipative

Finding footwear that fits properly can also be a challenge. Here are a few extra tips to follow when shopping:
*   Measure both feet
*   Try on shoes in the afternoon
*   Wear a normal work sock
*   Rotate between old and new shoes.

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