Spotter Buddy and Arin Alert, two technologies set to provide maximum safety for workers around mobile equipment, are being showcased at this week’s VPPPA National Conference in New Orleans. If you’re attending the show, we welcome you to stop by Booth 762 to experience and learn how both products can keep your workers safe around mobile equipment.

Spotter Buddy: We understand the dangers to workers and capital equipment associated with mobile equipment on your job sites and in your facilities. Spotter Buddy provides real-time bi-directional communication from the spotter to the driver. Therefore, Spotter Buddy protects employees from injury, or even death with the push of a button.

The Spotter Buddy’s technology is invested to reduce risk by allowing the Spotter to remain in the safest possible area, rather than in the deadly line of fire.

Arin Alert: ARINAlert precisely measures the distance between mobile equipment and pedestrian workers wearing an ARINAlert Tag. The ARINAlert System has preset distances to determine the virtual danger zone.  The ARINAlert uses a 3 color light along with an audible alarm to alert the operator that a pedestrian worker is in either of the two danger zones.  The virtual danger zone distances can be adjusted for larger or smaller pieces of equipment or to the employer’s preferred distances.  You may also add an ARINAlert Tag to high valued capital assets that need to be protected.