Why Choose LOBO?

The LOBO Advanced Platform System has many positive benefits when compared to traditional construction-style tube and clamp scaffolding.

  • Virtually anyone can assemble a LOBO System. LOBO provides a training course complete with a syllabus and 18-minute pretest training video that offers an expected level of competency for testing the user.
  • The LOBO System is made from tubular steel that makes it remarkably strong and allows it to fit into awkward and restricted access areas when working around conveyors, machinery, and piping.
  • The LOBO System has a clean finish that works well in maintenance applications at schools, theaters, food manufacturing, and more.
  • The LOBO System requires no tools for assembly. Spanners, hammers, and wrenches are not required because of LOBO’s patented LoBand Clamp system making it easy to construct.
  • You have the choose of either a horizontal or vertical storage system to store and transport the LOBO System to and from maintenance jobs around your facility.

Benefits of the LOBO System compared to traditional frame-based systems.

  • The LOBO System can be fitted with handrails at any height using tubes and LoBand Clamps.
  • The LoBoard (or deck board) can be tightly locked down in place, ensuring stability while working.
  • Lower cost frame-based systems do not have stabilizers which increases the risk of tip-over. The LOBO System has an Outrigger that can be clamped to the structure to stabilize the tower, providing a 3:1 (height to width) ratio.  There are also Wall Mounts available to anchor the system to a wall for added stability.
  • Fitting Toe Boards to traditional scaffolding can be difficult. The LOBO Toe Boards easily fits the LoBoard decking complete with a clamp system to meet OSHA standards.
  • With traditional scaffolding, wheels/castors cannot normally be used. LOBO has a castors system that can be added to make shorter towers mobile for easy use in maintenance applications.